Reverse Engineering Services

Are you looking to develop the new product and lacking crucial information? No problem, here at ALOR® we provide all sort of reverse engineering services that are must to bring a concept to reality.


We cover:

  • 3D Scanning using laser
  •  Precise Measuring Technique using a caliper, CMM or other measuring tools
  • Tracing existing blueprint


Why reverse engineering?

  •  Buying the same product from multiple vendors and losing the track on revision.
  •  Vendor revising your product dimension and not communicating for the design change implemented.
  •  Not properly documenting your own design or invention.
  •  Value addition to an existing product available in the market.


ALOR® will provide best solutions for the documentation or the reverse engineering; we will use our expertise as under:


  •  Help you scan or measure the components
  •  Work from the existing PDFs or the image files
  •  Will provide an 3D model and documentation services
  •  Will provide value engineering services for the cost reduction and will reinvent the existing product


Having more questions? No problem, please refer our FAQ

If you are looking for reverse engineering services and willing to stay ahead in the market than we can help, Contact us today and we will guide you through the process.


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