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Unlocking the Potential of Metal 3D Printing

Experience the all new Metal 3D Printing

Metal 3D Printing

Welcome to the future of manufacturing! Metal 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is reshaping the way we create three-dimensional objects. Unlike traditional methods that cut away material from solid blocks, 3D printing allows us to build complex, intricate shapes layer by layer.

Experience the cutting-edge of manufacturing technology with Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), a game-changer that brings precision and innovation to the heart of industry.

Why Choose Metal 3D Printing?

Unprecedented Design Freedom

Bring your most complex and intricate designs to life, pushing boundaries beyond traditional manufacturing methods.

Minimal Material Waste

By adding material only where it's needed, 3D printing reduces waste and costs significantly.

Bespoke Solutions

Harness the power of customization, producing highly tailored and personalized components.

Accelerated Prototyping

Speed up the design validation process with lightning-fast iterations.

Metal 3D Print Specifications

Max. Part Size Layer Resolution Min. Feature Size Min. Wall Thickness Achievable Tolerances
245mm x 245mm x 330mm
(9.6” x 9.6” x 12.9”)
Normal Resolution (30 microns)
0.5mm thick
+/- 0.07mm (it may change based on part features)

Here's how Metal 3D printing works

Precision Powder Bed

It all begins with a meticulously prepared bed of fine metal powder – a canvas of possibilities.

Laser Magic

A high-powered laser, guided by digital blueprints, transforms the powder, layer by layer, into your vision.

Crafting in Layers

As each layer takes shape, the platform descends, setting the stage for the next layer. It's a mesmerizing symphony of precision.

Solidifying Dreams

Heat and speed converge, resulting in a solid, robust masterpiece, built layer by layer.

Optional Support Structures

For intricate designs, temporary supports come to the rescue, vanishing as your creation emerges.

Finishing Touch

A touch of post-processing, and your creation comes to life – polished, precise, and ready for action.

Metal Material Options

For more material options

Items to be considered before selecting Metal 3D Printing

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